About Julia

Julia’s Introductory Service Ltd. is a Vancouver-based organization dedicated to bringing together eligible single women and men, based on personality and other compatibility factors. The organization’s initiation started in 2000, its founder and President Julia Zhang has been dedicatedly providing her knowledgeable, caring and professional matchmaking services to eligible singles in Vancouver.

In the company’s fifteen year history, Julia has successfully matched hundreds of couples and seen many of them go on to make the ultimate relationship commitment: marriage.

The secret for Julia’s Introduction Service begins when you initiate the entire process by calling her at 604-738-3886 During your conversation with Julia, she will attempt to create your profile, which is simply a preliminary screening process that will help Julia gauge your eligibility, commitment and sincerity to the process of dating and finding your significant other. This is also a chance to get all your questions answered!

Once Julia has established your criteria, she will personally invite you for a more in-depth conversation at her office located at 1128 West Broadway. This second conversation is a more in-depth discussion about who you are as a person and what your preferences are in terms of interests, lifestyles, hobbies, personal goals and most importantly your expectations of who your ideal mate is.

Based on the conversations, Julia employs her judgement and professional matchmaking skills to find you the most suitable matches from her vast catalogue of eligible singles. Everything you share with Julia during the meeting will be considered as classified information and will, therefore, be subject to the company’s strict privacy policies and procedures. Please keep in mind that this interview will only increase your success rate when it comes to finding an eligible match. Julia’s personal, confidential and no-nonsense approach in this in-depth screening is why her company has garnered a stellar reputation in the matchmaking industry!

Julia works hard as your dating coach, to find you suitable matches based on your complete profile. When an individual who fits your criteria and vice versa is found, Julia will provide both parties with a brief description about the other person prior to the initial meeting. This brief may include information such as the person’s interests, hobbies, occupation and goals. Julia will also provide you with dating tips and suggestions to make your first meeting with that person enjoyable, pleasant and relaxing. After equipping you with basic information about the other person, including some dating advice, based on mutual consent you and the other individual will determine where and when to have your first meeting!