What are some differences between using an online dating site versus Julia’s Introductory Services Inc.?

In today’s fast-paced world, meeting your perfect match is becoming increasingly difficult. Most people, whether they are working professionals, college students, entrepreneurs, single parents or even retirees, do not have either the time or knowledge of where and how to meet individuals who are compatible with them. With the introduction of online dating sites nearly two decades ago, the prospects of meeting someone wonderful increased because your photograph and particulars were available online for potential mates to view. However, simple and  convenient online dating may seem, it is not fraught with concern. Matchmaking has been around for much longer, albeit on a more informal level. Modern matchmaking such as Julia’s Introductory Services Inc. has simply gone a few steps further!

The following are some key differences between online dating sites and a professional matchmaker such as Julia:

  • Personalized attention

    When you sign up with a professional matchmaker like Julia’s Introductory Services Inc. you, receive personalized attention right from the start. Julia, who is a professional matchmaker and dating expert, will attempt to get to know you and put together a complete profile of who you are and what type of match you are looking for. In other words, she will create an accurate assessment of your personality and what you expect of the other individual. Since Julia meets with each and every prospect, she is also potentially weeding out candidates who are not serious or are of the criminal element.

    With an online dating site, you are first prompted to create a profile and upload a photograph of yourself. While creating your profile, you will be asked to list or check off the type of person you are i.e. extroverted, thinker, bookworm, shy, etc. The problem with this generic way of capturing someone’s profile is that it doesn’t do justice to the person, that is doesn’t capture the essence of you. What does it mean to be a “thinker”? For you it may mean, you like to reason every problem or situation out, but to your potential match, it may mean you are introverted and don’t enjoy discussing your concerns. These are two very different assessments which only a third party, such as a matchmaker can bridge.

  • Matches are determined on a variety of factors

    With the professional services such as Julia’s Introductory Services Inc., Julia will act like your professional match hunter (head hunter). Using her skills and experience, she will be your personal filter, weeding out matches who are not compatible with you. Based on your assessment and profile, Julia will give you personalized attention to find suitable matches for you. This includes weeding out individuals who are not serious. Your compatibility will be based on the information in your assessment and profile.

    With online dating sites, criteria such as hobbies, location, height, weight, profession etc. act like your filter. They fail to capture  what the person is truly like that is, personality. For example, you may be matched with an individual who likes pets, is a lawyer and enjoy playing soccer, but you both may be incompatible when it comes to views on religion and having children. This is a serious issue which can lead to a relationship break-up. A hidden danger of online dating is that a few individuals may create a fake profile to meet singles. Since there are no screening or background checks, you and countless others are truly at risk. With a professional matchmaker, background checks and screening are carried out and matches are not just made based on statistics but based on personality and personal criterion.

  • Matches are narrowed down

    As mentioned in the previous point, Julia acts like your personal match hunter. She will filter out candidates that are not compatible with you. Julia uses a combination of interviews, questionnaires, and personality tests to create a profile of each prospect. As a result, she is fully aware of who would be your best match and who would not. This will save you loads of time and disappointment.

    With online dating sites, there are hundreds of matches that may come up. If you enjoy serial dating, then this the best course for you because it will allow you to refine your dating techniques. However, in today’s hectic lifestyle, who has the time to date hundreds of people?

  • Matchmakers use a consistent and proven method of evaluating prospective dating candidates

    Matchmakers like Julia, have considerable dating experience and use the right evaluation methods to create an accurate assessment and profile of each individual. Your profile is not determined by checking off a list of traits. A psychology-based personality test is used, that has a basis in facts and not the assumptions.

    With online dating, you are screening potential matches yourself based on a list of traits checked off by the other party. If you don’t mind trial-and-error dating, then this is a good system to use. For most, however, time is a concern and are tired of people who misrepresent themselves on the dating sites, which, unfortunately, is usually the case!

  • Cost

    With a professional matchmaker like Julia, you are simply paying a one time member’s fee for someone who will be providing you with background screening, dating advice, interviews and relationship advice. Best of all, if you happen to meet someone, you can put your account on hold. This feature is not available with online dating sites.

As you have already read, there are some key differences between using a matchmaker versus an online dating site. It is clear that, in the long run when you harness the talents of a professional matchmaker like Julia’s Introductory Services Inc., your chances of finding a successful match are much higher.