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I used to try online dating but every date was never serious, and when i met Julia, she matched me here and there… Every guy was matched by Julia and they were all very nice people! I have met my match and I cant be any happier!


I am a nervous guy, whenever i see a girl i tend to say the wrong things. Julia was very helpful in guiding me and now I can wait for the next date!


Julia is very kind & understanding. In situations, that were very personal to me, Julia helped me because she cared! I am glad she’s a great friend!


Julia loves matchmaking with a passion! For the past 14 years Julia has been a discreet, caring and passionate matchmaker! I like her personalized service so much that after my suggestions two of my best friends now use her excellent service! Julia treats her clients like her best friend¡­ and she will not give up until you meet a lifelong partner! Using Julia`s matchmaking services sounds kind of old-fashioned, but in reality it is a lot better than using a dating website. Julia has made my list of the top 100 trustworthy and caring people that I will meet in a lifetime! I trust her with helping me make one of the biggest decisions of my life!


Julia is the best!!


I tried other places for dating, but only Julia truly matched me with great people! Julia is committed and understands who I’m looking for. I recommend her service. 5 STARS!


I met my husband from Julia, and he is everything I had hoped for and more! Our personalities match, and he loves to take me on adventures!


I had the pleasure of meeting Julia about 3 years ago. I had tried a few popular on-line web based dating sites before and find that it was somewhat impersonal and difficult to determine who was sincere about dating. Furthermore, I knew nothing about the person I was about to me.Since meeting Julia and discovering the unparalleled personal service that she provided, there has been no need for me to join or even visit other dating sites.Her process is simple. She meets with you personally at length, obtains a good feel and clear understanding of the kind of person you are along with some personal history. She then seeks your opinion as to the type of individual you think you are looking for with the objective a finding a long lasting, loving relationship. As she has met all of her clients personally, she then compiles your information and recommends a person whom she believes would be a good fit. I have found that Julia’s opinions and recommendations on her matching process to be incredibly accurate, as she has been doing this type of work for many, many years. If for whatever reason, on or both of the parties, are not totally happy with her selection, she will quickly select another candidate from her pool and promptly arrange another personal introduction.Julia’s main objective in life is to have all of clients happy in their long term, loving relationship. She is always there for you, whether as a big sister, friend or mentor. She is the first one to celebrate your happiness when a successful match is realized and thrives.Julia has a hard worker, with great interpersonal skills, intelligent, caring, and totally honest with a big warm heart. She is in this business because she truly loves what she does and truly cares for each and every one of her clients.I would not hesitate for one moment to recommend Julia in assisting anyone of my closest friends or relatives, in finding the true love in their life.


I just moved to Burnaby, and I didn’t know anyone. I was very shy… but when i met Julia, she introduced me to a lot of new friends! And even my lover!


I believe Julia’s set up phase was crucial for her to find the best match for me, she knew exactly which matches were potential for me! I am truly grateful for her help.

J & W

I met with Julia and she seemed very nice, very professional, and very interested in providing a helpful service to her clients.I bought a ticket when she told me that I would be welcome to attend the dinner/dance.Julia welcomed me and sat me at a table, within a few minutes she returned with a beautiful Chinese lady and brought her to sit next to me at our large table, her name was Wendy. The evening was so very enjoyable, In fact, when Wendy and I were two of the last to leave the restaurant, I was sad to leave¡­ I called Wendy a couple of days later and was pleased that she wanted to see me again… we went out for a dinner date later that week, and we have been seeing each other ever since – it’s been over six months now, and we are both extremely happy! Last month we took our first vacation together, spending 10 days on Maui in Hawaii. It was such a romantic wonderful vacation that it felt like a honeymoon for us!


I would l like to thank you for your great help and advice. Your sincere and positive approach is refreshing and your work ethics are second to none. The ladies I have been introduced to are lovely, well educated, and very classy. I have enjoyed your exciting functions and I have met some wonderful ladies.I particularly appreciate your hands on advice and encouragement, you have made a commitment to guide me through this wonderful dating experience to find that perfect match that we all seek. I am having a wonderful time and heartily recommend your service to men and women alike, who are searching for a lifelong relationship.

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