Dating Tips – Where to Meet

Congratulations! You’ve mustered up the courage to do one of the hardest things in a relationship: ask your match on a first date! On one hand, your mind might be racing with endless possibilities of what might happen, but you may also be anxious about where to go and what to do on your first date. If you are stuck for ideas, consult with your matchmaker Julia. As a professional matchmaker and dating expert, Julia often recommends that people should choose a first date location based on shared interests or things they would like to try. For example, if your match is fond of experiencing different culinary delights and you enjoy eating, then why not try a cooking class together! If you are both ardent fans of jazz music, meet up at a jazz club. The point is to start at something that is familiar to both so that uneasiness and tension are both minimized.

Keeping the idea of shared interests in mind, the following are some amazing first date ideas that Julia often recommends to her clients:

Meet for Coffee/Tea/Drinks

Most people are fond of either of these three beverages. Having your first date over a tea or coffee is a minimal risk outing, not to mention an inexpensive one. The caffeine can help boost your heart rate and make you more attentive. Sharing a beverage with your match enables you both to break the ice very easily because you are going for the date with any prior information about the other person. If you or your date is the shy or nervous type, then you can keep your date just for the duration of your beverage. This will give you enough of an idea about whether you want to ask the person for a second date. You can also opt for milkshakes and fruit juices if your match doesn’t like coffee, tea or alcohol. Even though you are only asking her for tea/coffee or drinks, ensure the venue has a date-ambiance rather than a fast-food joint.

Carnival/Theme Park

The best part of going to a theme or a carnival park is that there is always something to do or say. In other words, they are great icebreakers! This is especially helpful for people who are very shy and reserved. Going on a few crazy rides may be the tonic to loosen you both up. Apart from the rides, both parties can experience the food, games and retail merchandise that theme parks have to offer. This is the perfect opportunity for guys to purchase something special for their match as a keepsake for their first date perhaps! Another great way to woo your match is to try an obstacle or game and win a prize and then offer it to your date. This technique is guaranteed to please and win a few hearts! You can also attempt to go on the slow rides that require you both to sit closer!

Head to a Museum or Art Exhibition

This first-date location is recommended for individuals who have an interest in the arts, history, and culture. It is easy to saunter through the exhibits together and have a discussion about the artist’s techniques or depiction. Here you can also easily engage in a meaningful and philosophical conversation with your match about the exhibits that are on display. This will help to form a mental connection with your date. Visits to the museum and art gallery often spark great debates and topics for discussion. This is the best place for couples with an artistic or philosophic bent of mind.

Take a cooking class together

As mentioned earlier, cooking classes are great for foodies and cooking aficionados. Organized cooking classes have a set period of time where the start and end are predetermined. This is great news for first dates. While preparing the meal together, you are actually engaging in teamwork while sharing and amusing and sensuous bonding experience. Most women love guys who can cook or who appreciate a fine meal. Taking a culinary class together will definitely plunge a cupid’s arrow in the direction of her heart!


While dancing is recommended for couples who actually know and love to dance, it is a great idea for couples who have two left and want to learn the art of dance. Take a dance class together. Be it ballroom dancing, tango or the salsa, dancing requires coordination. What better for two wannabe dancers than to take a class on dance. It will definitely ignite a few laughs, force you to work together and perhaps even show the vulnerable side of your match. Ladies love to see men become vulnerable!

Going on a first date can be a nerve-wracking experience, but when going out with someone who was paired with you through a matchmaker, the tension and uneasiness, is much less. You are going into the date with prior information about the other. The venue you select will encourage great conversation and hopefully open doors to a rewarding and memorable relationship.